lunes, julio 03, 2006

Digital Transformations in the Information Society

Les comento que los dias 1 y 2 de junio pasados la Unidad de Estrategia y Politica de la UIT y la London Business School organizaron una Conferencia sobre "Digital Transformations in the Information Society" (

Les adjunto el programa final, que incluye las presentaciones realizadas ( Hay referencia a papers interesantes, por ejemplo, tratan sobre:
  • What is the impact of ICTs on growth and productivity? Do ICTs explain the productivity gap? Does creative destruction apply to ICT-intensive sectors? How can countries benefit from ICTs to deal with recessions better?
  • How are firms using ICTs? How are they coping with the challenges of ICT-based organisation? What factors determine ICTs' impact on firm performance?
  • What is the digital divide and how can it be measured? The WSIS Geneva Plan of Action identified the need for follow-up and monitoring of digital opportunities. How can we measure ICTs? How can indices be used to do this? How should a composite index be structured? What is the impact of new technologies on the relevance of the digital divide?
  • Why is it that ICTs are transforming some sectors and not others? How do ICTs change the boundaries of organisations? How do they affect the nature and structure of Value Chains? To what extent have they helped "the Global Enterprise" (e.g. through offshoring)?

    Fátima Ponce Regalado
    Sub-Gerente de Investigación
    Gerencia de Políticas Regulatorias

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