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La Eficiencia Comparativa de BT (The Comparative Efficiency of BT)
When regulating the prices of telecommunications services, regulators closely examine the costs that operators incur when providing those services. In the absence of cost studies or productivity analyses, regulators often compare companies to reach conclusions about relative cost differences and to set prices for telecommunications services that are not yet fully exposed to competition. In the latest issue of Perspectivas en Telecomunicaciones, NERA Consultant Tim Miller develops an econometric model to examine cost differences between British Telecom (BT) and a sample of local exchange companies (LECs) in the US. Mr. Miller uses an eight-year US LEC dataset as the basis of the model, and estimates that BT's costs are approximately one percent below the decile group of least costly US LECs.Read the latest issue of Perspectivas en Telecomunicaciones:
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